Restaurant - Sör Hotel, Eskisehir

When visiting Eskişehir, an important item that you should add to the list of places to visit is Eskişehir Terrace Fish Restaurant. “Do you eat fish in Eskisehir?” if the answer to the question is negative for you, then you should definitely visit our restaurant and taste the special fish dishes and appetizers prepared on a daily basis.

Teras Pisces brings together the highest quality seafood offered by nature with its guests in a wide concept. Teras Balik provides service every day of the year with the slogan ”Eat fish for health, choose Teras Balik for fish".

Terrace Fish, which is very difficult to define; is it a place where people welcome guests in their own homes, a gourmet place or a reliable gastro club, you can only decide which one it is when you live.

Teras Balik, which offers special fish menus to its customers, has an outdoor area for 200 people and an indoor area for 70 people.

Teras Pisces also prepares special menus for you on your special days and celebrations. In addition, you will feel privileged with our special table services for your private meetings.

Teras Balik, which is operated by a team from waiter to cook, experts in the field and in love with the sea, will take you from the heart of Anatolia and take you to your favorite seaside town.